Constant and Never-ending Improvement (C.A.N.I.)

About Me

  Hey, I’m Ruben, a professional problem solver, music enthusiast, triathlete, technology freak, and Marketing entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, California.

My job is sales and marketing, but my passion is creating something large from nothing at all.  I love when underdogs win and I strive to make every person I come in contact with better from knowing eachother. I’ve been a part of the Internet Marketing space for 5+ years now and have found an absolute passion in this digital realm where my technical aspirations & love of code is combined with my obsessed study of the psychology of users and how this little screen in front of our face influences us all to stay glued yet still take formidable action.  In my experience, I’ve had the joy of being both on the Marketing and Sales side of an Online lead Generation agency as well as the experience of leading large sales forces for financial and real estate firms.

    This blog will be a little bit of everything with mostly Internet Marketing related material that I come across.   I’m eternally grateful to the Internet for the privilege of working on any continent, in any hotel room, any beach, at any hour.

Feel free to connect in with me and stay in touch with the latest below:

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